About Me

I was born and raised in Adrian, MI. In my spare time I enjoy tinkering with hardware, 3D design / printing, and generally "making" things. I also still enjoy programming as a hobby and I usually have another random side hobby, such as turntablism, sewing, and ham radio.

The Ol' Tech Origin Story


A friend introduced me to programing. He made his own website and I thought it would be neat to have my own website on the World Wide Web.

I began during Christmas break from school (2000). I Yahoo'd? how to learn html and I went through a this tutorial on daves site, which is supprisingly still around. I finished the tutorial and thought I was so cool because I knew "how the internet worked".

Ever since then, I have been learning programming and web development and it has always been a fun hobby.

The Marine Corps

In 2004, after graduating high school, I signed on the dotted line and became a parachute rigger in the United States Marine Corps. Which in my (very biased) opinion is the best job in the Marine Corps :) This means I'm jumping out of many different types of aircrafts like the CH-47, Blackhawk and C130. I packed large cargo parachutes as well as personell parachutes while living in Japan for two years. My main job there was was rigging up supplies to by dropped out of aircrafts (sometimes as large as a Humvee!)

My last year in the Marine Corps, I was in Oceanside, CA, packing personnel parachutes for the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. I went to school full time, preparing for life after the military.


I have been working at for about 5 years. I am focused on the landing page system as well as a front end specialist.

Before Zappos, I worked at a web development / design agency in Irvine, CA. I also was focused on content management systems and frontend development for just over 2 years.

For more details, check out my resume.