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DeShawn Williams

Web Developer


Currently NOT looking for employment

Experienced and passionate web developer specializing in frontend looking for interesting and challenging products

Summary of Qualifications

Web Programming and Development

  • Solid understanding of core JavaScript language and best practices
  • Experience with advanced JavaScript and developing solid JS API’s
  • Worked with many advanced HTML5/CSS3 API’s: Canvas, Web Components, Audio/Video, Flexbox, 3D transforms, CSS animations, etc.
  • Skilled with many unix tools, find, grep, scp, tmux, git and bash
  • Extensive CMS development experience (Architecture/Creation of)
  • Familiar with CompSci / problem solving: data structures and algorithms
  • Strong in web architecture and backend systems: Node.js, PHP and Java
  • With diverse experience, able to pick up new languages and technologies

Professional skills

  • Friendly and approachable tech mentor; onboarding and mentoring many developers
  • Obsessed with the craft of programming: Performance, Stability, Security and Quality.
  • Experience communicating with UX Designers, Product and Project Management
  • Familiar with scrum project management processes
  • Strong technical leader for many years, driving key architectural decisions and best practices


Recreational Equipment, Inc. — Kent, WA
— Senior Software Engineer (Frontend) July 2016 – Present
  • Build and platform systems, performance and site reliability, supporting the front end development team. — Las Vegas, NV
— CMS Developer, Sr. Frontend Developer, Lead Frontend Developer March 2010 – January 2016 (5.8 Years)
  • Helped build, maintain and improve CMS, most notably creating an advanced user interface for landing page creation
  • Primary technical owner of the homepage and top-tier landing pages which received millions of unique visitors a day
  • Lead landing page and Frontend teams through a massively scaled complex multi-year project spanning many technologies
  • Helped scope out, build, document, and test a node.js frontend asset system to conform to Amazon’s internal ecosystem
  • Completed numerous small to medium projects: landing page integration, customer driven landing pages, daily deals site, Dynamic Form Generator, Grid Selector, Geolocation Product Ticker, etc.
  • Proactive in establishing a Style Reference helping frontend development team be successful in a large multi-team project.
Trinet Internet Solutions, Inc. — Irvine, CA
— Web Programmer May 2008 – January 2010 (1.8 Years)
  • Experience with taking on in-house content management systems as well as developing components for open source frameworks
  • Advocated and used version control at Trinet, assessing SCM solutions, and scoping out internal automated workflows
  • Completed a highly custom e-commerce and payment processing solution before hard Christmas deadline
United States Marine Corps — Okinawa, Japan
— Parachute Rigger (Active Duty) July 2004 – July 2008 (4 Years)
  • Served while knowing my desired career path in web development, continuing to develop and refine new skills during that time.

Certifications, Training and Other Achievements

Training Events and Meetups

DHTMLConf 2000, JSConf 2011, EmpireJS 2012, Amazon UTR 2013, JSConf 2013, JSFest 2014, JSConf 2015, CascadiaJS 2016


A highly skilled and equally motivated programmer focused on innovative web technologies with experience creating, deploying and maintaining high traffic production websites and applications.

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